IntelleView Server Accommodating up to 1024 Registers

IntelleView Server Accommodating up to 1024 Registers

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IntelleView Server is shipping with latest IntelleView version 3.2 and does not
include Intellex Digital Video Recorders.This IntelleView model comes with
18,000GB (18.0TB) Internal Storage Capacity! This version operates with up to
(1024) POS Registers and separate Intellex DVRs. IntelleView Server is a
transaction monitoring system that integrates seamlessly with the Intellex DVR.
IntelleView Server obtains the transaction information from the customers POS
system and matches it to the corresponding CCTV information in real time. This
information, POS transaction and video, is than archived for later review or
export. Possible fraudulent transactions can be found easily by using an
extensive search criteria. The criteria can be set so that certain transactions
can be tagged for priority review.

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IntelleView Servers Integrate IntelleView transaction monitoring and complete Intellex® platform of systems. Monitors Point-of-Sale and other data-oriented systems Processes, analyzes, and saves minimum of 20 transactions per second data with associated digital video Offers 3 surveillance methods: 1. Record exception transactions only 2. Record all transactions 3. Record continuously, including between transaction activity Uses single-point interface to data network Archives suspicious transactions with video to integrated Case Management module Displays an intuitive, easy to use GUI Features extensive datamining capabilities Reports exception activity in real-time Sends real-time e-mail alerts of exception activity Provides off-site management and operation via IntelleView Remote Client (over corporate network) Color-codes exceptions by category for easy identification Presents exception statistics in colorful graphics Copies video/data clips to DVD-RW Full (3) three years warranty on both Hardware & Software *Price Includes Monitor*

Specifications for IntelleView Server Accommodating up to 1024 Registers

Manufacturer CCTV Suppliers Inc.
Case / Mount Details Rack Mount (4U)
Color Black
Number of Channels 1024
License Type None
Resolution(s) 1CIF, 2CIF, 4CIF
Storage Capacity 18TB
Storage Upgrade? No
Warranty Duration (3) Years
IntelleView Edition Server
IntelleView Series Extreme
Condition New